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Reliability, Care & Togetherness – The best confinement centre which provides ample care for moms during confinement, the most critical month after delivery. 


Having a proper post-natal care is going to be one of the greatest gifts from a mom to her baby!


The arrival of newborn undoubtedly marks one of the biggest moments in every family, but…don’t forget that it is also equally important for the mom to be provided a proper post-natal care.


For the future of yours and your baby, we are pleased to give you our most sincere blessings and the warmest care during this critical period in our confinement centre which is located in the central of KL.


In here, we provide every mom as well as her baby a care that is both professional and unconditional in every possible way right in a home-like ambience, so comfortable and so warm.



Because we know breast milk is the most nutritional food for your baby. Therefore, as part of our initiative to encourage breastfeeding, there will be a lactation consultant readily available to provide guidance and advice related to breast feeding.


Because we know you will always worry about not having enough supply of baby care products for your baby from time to time even when you are on confinement. Therefore, as part of our initiative to reduce your worry, we will provide a series of baby care products including high quality diapers, toiletries, herbal bath and others to make sure your baby is well taken care of.


Because we know health, be it internal or external, will always be one of your concerns after delivery, especially when you are skeptical on how professional a health assessment can be. Therefore, as part of our initiative to manage your concern, we will ONLY be getting certified doctors to visit regularly to examine and evaluate the health of both you and your baby including wound recovery, blood pressure, sugar level and so on, so that you both will be in the pink of health at all times.

Because we know for a mother to deliver means the huge loss of nutrition in her body, therefore, as part of our initiative to help mom recover faster, our experienced nannies will be fully involved in preparing your meals (5 meals per day) using ingredients that will help restore the nutrition that you have lost post-delivery.


Because we know how good it feels to receive support from your own family during this critical period. Therefore, as part of our initiative to encourage dad to stay over, we will provide spacious individual rooms equipped with amenities like queen size bed, TV, attached bathroom and others.


Because we know babies can easily get hurt during this fragile period and no moms will ever want this to happen! Therefore, as part of our initiative to make you’re your baby’s safety is well managed, we will set up a surveillance system (CCTV) so that you can be fully aware of the condition of your baby, anytime and all the time. On top of that, we will also provide air purifier to make sure that every breath your baby take is going to be the cleanest and freshest.


Villa 33, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

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